The Centre has developed a variety of handouts on academic skills.
Click on the title for a printer-ready version in Microsoft Word format. These texts are protected by copyright and are for your personal use only.

A1.0 Surviving the First Weeks
A1.1 Tips for College Success
A1.2 Study Skills Checklist
A2.1 Time Management
A2.2 Weekly Schedule
A2.3 An Evening Study Routine
A2.4 Overcoming Procrastination
A3.2 SQ3R Textbook Reading System
A4.1 Note-Taking–Dawson-Cornell System
A4.2 Tips for Lecture Note-Taking
A5.1 Tips for Taking Exams
A5.2 Learning with a Study Group

B1.1 Confusing Word Pairs
B1.2 Strategies for Better Spelling
B1.3 Spelling Rules and Patterns
B2.1 Apostrophes
B2.2 The Comma
B2.3 Semicolons and Full Colons
B3.1 Subject-Verb Agreement
B3.2 Relative Pronouns
B3.3 Prepositions in Common Phrases
B3.4 Conjunctions
B3.4a Connectors
B3.5 Verbals
B3.6 Articles
B4.1 Verb Conjugations
B4.2 Irregular Verbs

C1.1 The Outline
C2.1 Essay Basics
C2.2 The Thesis of an Essay
C4.1 How to Edit
C4.2 Editing Checklist
C5.1 Plagiarism

D1.1 Oral Presentations
D3.1 Annotated Bibliography
D4.1 The Term Paper
D4.2 Term Paper–10 Basic Steps
D4.3 Term Paper Content Tips
D4.4 Quotations in a Term Paper
D5.1 Title Page Formats

MLA Style

MLA guidelines have been updated and handouts based on the new 8th edition are coming soon. 

E1.0 – MLA Term-Paper Format
E1.1 MLA Citations
E1.2 MLA Works Cited – Page Format
E1.3 – MLA Works Cited – Print Sources
E1.4 – MLA Works Cited – Info from Web Sites
E1.5 – MLA Works Cited – Online Texts
E1.6 MLA Works Cited: Course Material
E1.7 MLA Works Cited – Film TV Videos
E1.8 – MLA Photos & Visual Art

APA Style

E2.1 APA Citations
E2.2 APA References Page Format
E2.3 APA References List (Print Sources)
E2.4 APA References List (Internet Sources)

X1.0 Exit Exam – General Information
X1.1 The Exit Exam – Basic Task
X1.2 Exit Exam – Step-by-Step Guide
X1.3 Exit Exam – Correctors’ Criteria
X1.4 Exit Exam – Strategic Tips
X2.1 Exit Essay Outline
X3.1 Exit Exam – Techniques and Devices 
X3.2 Exit Exam – Techniques and Devices – Definitions
X4.1 Exit Exam Phrasing Tips
X4.2 Quotations for the Exit Exam

Last Modified: August 10, 2017