Cin\Com-Winter 2021

Interactive art IA
#1 IntoTheGreat
Mosaic: Into the Great





This Humanities and Cinema-Communications joint class is participating in a class wide project under the theme: JUSTIFY. This Multidisciplinary project seeks to shed light on how we as people, tend to justify things that we or others do. The brilliant minds of this class will delve into various subjects using various methods ranging from art, documentary style video, music and many others. This project can serve as a reminder to people that we shouldn’t justify things that are bad due to our lack of control or because it would work in our own self-interest. We sincerely hope that you enjoy our multi-platform project and that it can serve as something that will make you reflect about our society and how to make it a better place!

Written by Tyler McLean-Dolbeck       Media night link- tonight at 8 !!


To the Self poster (jpg)

TO THE SELF -Live on May 19

finissage for TO THE SELF – March 26 at Noon 

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