ALC Festival Winter 2024

Art, Literature, and Culture Festival


Close Up Film Series

Aziz Zoromba
April 25
5 PM – 7 PM

Red Rooms / Les Chambres Rouges
Dominque Dussault + Juliette Gariépy
May 9
6 PM – 9 PM

The Sleepover
Christine Tannous
Round Table Reading
May 16
Oliver’s (2C.17)
11:30 AM – 1:30 PM

Close UP is a student-run Guest Speaker Film Series that aims to highlight the work of established and emerging Quebec filmmakers while allowing students to gain additional knowledge through a discussion period with the filmmakers following the screenings.

Historical Film Techniques Expo

May 13, 12 PM – 2:30 PM
May 22, 9 AM – 11:30 AM

A festival of various old film media as envisioned in today’s context by 3D Animation students. There will be a selection of 3D printed and analogue fabricated film objects such as: projectors, zoetropes, shadow puppets, Turkish puppetry, as well as films inspired by Cinéma Pur, surrealism, abstract animation, video essays on experimental cinema styles, and more.


4 PM – 7 PM

EXHIBITION:May 21 – May 23

A CinCom multi-media student exhibition

Dawson Film Festival

May 24
Dawson Theatre
7 PM

The Dawson Film Festival showcases films made by students in the Cinema + Communications department.

Doors open at 6:30 PM


Literature Profile Academic Conference (LPAC)

April 30, 4 PM – 6 PM
May 1, 12 PM – 1:30 PM
Boardroom 5B.13

As part of the Arts, Literature, and Communication Festival, Literature Profile graduating students in Liana Bellon’s Integrating Activity course present their end-of-term projects.

Creative Writing Showcase

May 23
Oliver’s (2C.17)
12 PM – 2 PM

Join us for a festive reading of students’ creative writing, and the launch of the Creations Journal. Mocktails, snacks… and surprises!

Arts + Culture

Process: ALC Gala

May 16
3 PM – 6:30 PM

An exploration of the making of meaning and the processing of experience into art. A three-hour sharing of individual student driven projects in a variety of disciplines: visual arts, performing arts, music, writing, and more.

Studio Arts

Station 24

5C Hallway
5 PM – 7 PM

EXHIBITION: May 7 – 21

The ALC Studio Arts students present the 2024 exhibition Station 24.

We appreciate everyone who supports us in our vernissage and we hope to see you there!


Babel Madness

May 21
1 PM – 3 PM

Graduating students from the Languages Profile present their projects. Come and learn about topics such as slang, pidgins and creoles, language acquisition, sign language, Orwell’s Newspeak, Chinese characters, the connection between music and language – and much more!

Looking At The World Through Fresh Eyes

May 23
1 PM – 3 PM

We will be exploring various everyday optics and looking at them through a critical lens.

Interactive Media Arts


May 21
Lab 3B.2-4
5 PM – 7PM

An exhibition of Interactive Media Arts projects. From video games and alternative game controllers to responsive sculptures, generative artworks and interactive garments, there will be something for everyone to enjoy!

Interdisciplinary Event

AR Cité Tour

May 16
3 PM

AR Cité mobile app

The AR Cité project (pronounced ‘our city’) brings together students, faculty and media professionals to design and create place-based Augmented Reality experiences.
The media vignettes we’ve created bring the neighborhood’s culture and local history to life.


Last Modified: May 22, 2024