ALC Festival Fall 2022


Banner by: Danik Renaud


Next the Art Literature and Culture Festival

Next: (of a time or season) coming immediately after the time of writing or speaking; coming immediately after the present one in order, rank or space. As students are graduating, and as the pandemic is waning, the word seems charged with positive energy. It becomes a statement for moving forward.


Studio Arts

ALC Festival, Studio Art Exhibition, Library corridor, December 1 – 8.



Arts and Culture

Arts and Culture Exhibition: December 8th, 12-7pm.

Oliver’s (2C.17), Hall (5B.16), and 3B.6



Media Night- Friday December 9@7pm (doors open at 6:30pm). Location: Dawson Theatre (2000 Atwater).

Mosaic- Online exhibtion- coming soon!

Interactive Media Arts

Introduction to Arts and Culture

Take a peek at the top 10 posters created for the festival, and discover who won the contest!

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