Books & Manuals

Students can check availability and price of course textbooks and manuals by logging in to MyDawson and clicking on Bookstore Course List within My College Services from the left hand navigation menu.

Used Books F.Y.I.

  • Used books are 25% cheaper.
  • Used books have a yellow label.
  • Used books are placed so you can see them

Selling books: Where? When? To Whom?

  • WHERE: Upper Atrium
  • WHEN: beginning of Fall and Winter semesters
  • TO WHOM: a buyer from MBS Book Exchange

Books Not Bought:

  • Books that have a web access component.
  • Books that have perforated (tear-out) pages / binder ready.
  • Books with pages falling out or considered in bad shape.
  • Books with fill-in blanks that have been written in ink.
  • Books that have gone to new edition.

Last Modified: August 12, 2016