Requisition QuickPoints

  1. INTENSIVES: List texts for intensives that fall outside of the regular start/stop dates of a semester on a separate form. These texts and their quantities will be set aside. For intensives that run inside the regular semester dates, students must be instructed to purchase them before the end of the 8th week of classes. See point 7.
  2. RETURNABILITY OF STOCK:The Bookstore will only order non-returnable texts if your department accepts financial responsibility for all unsold stock. Before such a text is ordered, the Bookstore must receive signed consent from the respective dean.
  3. TEXT AVAILABILITY:Only requisitioned texts will be available for sale at the Bookstore. We do not keep any stock on hand from previous semesters.
  4. REFERENCES/BIBLIOGRAPHY: Please state explicitly how to find items on your course outline, such as: “on reserve at the circulation desk” or “available from the Dawson Bookstore”, etc.
  5. OUTLINES:Please update your outline(s) with the correct text information. Many books change editions from semester to semester. The store sells single titles and many package configurations; your students need to know what they should buy.
  6. BOOK PACKAGE:If you do arrange a special package and/or a special price with a publisher’s rep, please attach a copy of your agreement with the publisher in writing so that we can make sure you get what you ordered at the quoted price.
  7. STOCK RETURN:Please inform your students that they will have until the end of the 8th week of the term to buy the required or recommended texts for their course(s). Beginning with week 9, the Bookstore will start the stock-return process.
  8. The Bookstoreis the selling agent for all texts. In the instance that the store is unable to source the title, you will be given clearance to approach another book supplier.
  9. Please informyourself via the publisher/distributor or their rep as to the particulars of your text(s), for example, in-print status, publisher’s stock level, edition, sell price, import-to-order condition, print-on-demand condition, etc. You may call extension 1403 and 5502 for contact names and telephone numbers.
  10. DESK COPY: Phone or mail your request for a desk copy to the publisher/distributor or their rep as soon as possible.


Last Modified: April 3, 2024