D.AI Expo’24

Featuring Student Talks and AI Projects

2 Years of Innovation              Over 300 students           20 Dynamic AI Projects

D.AI Expo ’24 at Dawson College | April 5

Register to attend here: https://www.dawsoncollege.qc.ca/ai/regexpo24/

Join us at Dawson College for a student-centered expo on Friday, April 5, 2024, showcasing innovative AI and data storytelling projects.

D.AI Expo ’24 will feature presentations from Dawson students and faculty, alongside contributions from our partner organizations AI Launch Lab and Mitacs. It is a unique opportunity to explore a spectrum of AI topics undertaken by students in and out of the classroom and to expose how AI can be integrated into education.

Applications from students to present their work in a dynamic lightning talk (10-12 minutes) or through an interactive digital poster format are still open. For students not part of an AI Launch Lab cohort, apply here: APPLY!

Attendees can look forward to a day filled with talks, demonstrations, poster presentations and informal exchange. D.AI Expo ’24 aims to celebrate student engagement and to provide a platform for fostering partnerships and collaboration with all stakeholders.

The schedule will be updated as the final slate of presenters confirm their participation.

Expo Schedule – Friday, April 5


9:30-10:00 [rm 3F.43] Welcome and networking
10:00-10:20 [rm 3F.43]   Joel Trudeau & Robert Stephens — DawsonAI: An Overview of AI Initiatives for Education
10:20-10:30 [rm 3F.43]  Student Success Stories — AI Projects/AI Collaborations
10:30-10:50 [rm 3F.43] Mitacs Sourour Ben Cheikh & Bernard Duval — Mitacs Internship Opportunities at the College Level
10:50-11:10 [rm 3F.43] AI Launch Lab Timothy Pereira — R&D Programs for College Students
11:10-12:00 [rm 3F.43] Open-ended discussion about internship opportunities
12:00-12:45 [rm 3F.43] Lunch and networking
13:30-17:00 [rm 3F.43] AI Launch Lab Student Project Presentations
14:30-16:30  [A, rm 3F.38] Robert Stephens leads a ChatGPT 4 Live Session. Take a test drive of the current capacities of the publicly released Large Language Models.
14:30-16:30  [B, rm 3F.37] Gallery walk lead by Victor Ponce – Digital posters, demos and video presentations of student projects
17:00-18:00 [rm 3F.43] Networking


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For more information, contact us at sbhandari@dawsoncollege.qc.ca.

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