Ped Day 2021 – AI in Education: The Promise and the Peril

Didn’t get a chance to attend DawsonAI’s workshop for Ped Day 2021? Don’t worry, we got you. Watch the recording below! You can also check out more of our presentations here.

Title: AI in Education: The Promise and the Peril

Presenters: Andrew Katz (English), Michel Fournier-Simard (Political Science), Kasia Wolfson (Anthropology), Sarah Allen (Humanities/Philosophy), Robert Stephens (Humanities/Philosophy & DawsonAI Teaching CoP Lead), Myriam Dimanche (DawsonAI Project Coordinator)

Abstract: We will discuss some current and near-future trends involving the impact A.I. and machine learning technology will likely have on the College classroom, in terms of both the pedagogical opportunities afforded by technological breakthroughs, and the challenges that will need to be addressed. We will examine useful tools for teachers and learners, such as A.I.-assisted transcription, composition, and research applications, and discuss the ways in which these and other developing tech platforms will demand increased attention to the integration of data literacy and critical thinking skills to course outcomes.

Slides: PowerPoint

Date: October 15, 2021

Last Modified: November 10, 2021