Springboard to a DCS (Tremplin DEC Transition program)

Understanding Your Program

Springboard to a DCS – What is it anyway?

Springboard to a DCS (Tremplin DEC Transition program) is designed for students who want to take CEGEP credit courses in order to

  • explore CEGEP studies;
  • complete prerequisites required for admission to a CEGEP program;
  • upgrade their academic record to improve chances of admission or readmission to a CEGEP program;
  • upgrade language skills; or
  • complete a CEGEP program (please take note that for Dawson DEC students, once they have completed all their courses, they will need to reapply to their original program in order to graduate). You cannot graduate from Springboard to a DCS (Tremplin DEC)

Admission Requirements

  • To be admissible to Springboard to a DCS (Tremplin DEC), students must have the Quebec Diploma of Secondary Studies (D.E.S.) or equivalent.

Courses that count in Diploma/Day programs

  • General Education courses count in all Diploma programs
  • English, French, Humanities, Physical Education, Complementary Courses
  • Courses must be at College level
  • If you pass these courses in Springboard to a DCS, they will count in your DEC. So you are already starting your program! You will not take these courses again!
  • Ask an Advisor if we have concentration courses that will also count in your program

Complete Math or Science prerequisites in Springboard to a DCS

  • We offer Math Sec. IV: Technical and Scientific Option 564406 & Sec. IV: Scientific Option 565406 (Math 436)
  • We offer Math Sec. V: Technical and Scientific Option 564506 & Sec. V: Scientific Option 565506 (Math 536)
  • We offer Sec. IV Science and Technology of the Environment 555404 and Science of the Environment 558404 OR Applied Science and Technology 557406 and Science of the Environment 558402 (Physical Science 436)
  • We offer Secondary V Chemistry 551504 (Chemistry 504)
  • We offer Secondary V Physics 553504 (Physics 504)
  • We have most College level Science courses that will count towards a DEC or for University studies later

Student Status

  • Students may register in Springboard to a DCS (Tremplin DEC) for a maximum of three (3) consecutive semesters.  After three consecutive semesters students may remain in Continuing Education but must be admitted to a different program of studies. Students registered in Springboard to a DCS (Tremplin DEC) can be either part-time or full-time.
  • Note: Full-time status cannot be guaranteed.
  • Students expelled and denied permission to register in any DEC or AEC program must improve their academic record to return to studies in any DEC or AEC program. Students can improve their academic record by taking part-time courses through the Springboard to a DCS (Tremplin DEC) program offered in Continuing Education.


Last Modified: October 24, 2022