Springboard Program

Understanding Your Program


  • Begin or explore CEGEP studies
  • complete prerequisites required for admission to a CEGEP program or University
  • upgrade academic record to improve chances of admission or readmission to a CEGEP program;
  • upgrade language skills

Courses that count in Diploma/day programs

  • General Education courses count in all Diploma programs
  • English, French, Humanities, Physical
    Education, Complementaries
  • Courses must be at College level
  • If you pass these courses in Springboard, they will count in your DEC, so you are already starting your program !
  • You will not take these courses again !
  • Ask an Advisor if we have concentration courses that will also count in your program

Complete Math or Science prerequisites in Springboard

  • We offer Math 436 and 536
  • We offer Physical Science 436, Chemistry 504 and Physics 504
  • We have most College level Science courses that will count towards a DEC or for University studies later


Last Modified: April 7, 2017