Peace Week 2022: Revolution & Metamorphosis

The 7th Annual Peace Week starts September 13th running until September 21st. Events will range from in-person at the Dawson College urban gardens to virtual & in person speakers, and workshops focused on the theme of Revolution & Metamorphosis. Check out the schedule, get registered, and join us once more!

Revolution can often be associated with violent upheaval, however peaceful nonviolent action and imagination can be the necessary ingredients that precede metamorphosis. This September, the Peace Centre invites you to think about how peaceful revolution, in thinking and action, is a meaningful pathway to fundamental positive social metamorphosis. What is revolutionary?

How can revolutionary thinking support our need for system level and individual transformation? What concrete actions do we need to take to see a change in the world, that is so desperately needed, from climate justice to eliminating poverty?  What are your obligations to yourself, your local community, as well as the global collective of human and non-human life? How can we support our students to be the facilitators of metamorphosis through peaceful revolutionary thinking? What can we learn from our students to support our own transformation?

All our activities and speakers will attend to these critical questions in a world that is deeply complex, interrelated, and in desperate need of transformation. 

For a list of events, please click here and please click here to access Peace Week’s Website

Last Modified: September 7, 2022