Applied AI Institute Internships

A Pipeline to AI Adoption: AI Experiential Learning at the College and University levels.

Applications are now closed. Contact Joel Trudeau via MIO for further information if you have good reason for wanting to participate.

The Applied AI Institute is supporting a collaborative project between Concordia Continuing Education and Dawson College to develop experiential learning opportunities for students interested in AI. This call is to recruit Dawson College students for experiential learning (EL) opportunities offered as internships that will take place from March 1 to May 5, 2023. The goal of this pilot, supported through the Pôle IA, is to provide different cross-disciplinary projects for 30+ students working together in teams. Students will be prepared with some training in Python and AI research methods and be guided through the preparatory process in a series of workshops.

After preparation and team formation, students will be onboarded into research groups and guided under the supervision of graduate students and professors, and will have the chance to apply their skills to real-world challenges. The projects will focus on various areas of research including bioinformatics, cybersecurity, supply chain management, water distribution systems, climate governance and others.

The timeline of the internships is as follows:

  1. February-March 1: Recruitment, team formation and preparation with workshops
  2. March 1-March 10: Onboarding into research groups
  3. March 10-May 5: Internships with Applied AI Institute. Note that students will be expected to have between 60-80 hours of contact time with their research groups. The internships are designed to concentrate many of these hours during the Dawson study break to allow for flexible contact hours subsequently
  4. May 5-May 12: Students will be led through reporting and outcome opportunities and present projects.

Note: Students may also be interested in participating in the AI Launch Lab Winter 2023 cohort for college students taking place concurrently. Opportunities exist to connect both experiences as a project.

More information to follow about the specific project internships. You may indicate your interest by completing the form below.

Applied AI Institute Student Internships

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  • Students who wish to apply for participation in an internship should have a basic working knowledge of python. There are no other requirements. Indicate your level of proficiency below.
  • Though not a prerequisite for the application to participate, it would help if students already have some exposure to technical AI topics and methods. Indicate your experience level from the options below.
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  • Should the number of acceptable applications exceed the number of spots available, preference will be given to students who will do the internship as part of their program activities. These options can be indicated below. Check all that apply.
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Last Modified: March 10, 2023