Camera Basics

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This comprehensive beginner’s course will enable you to learn basic photographic skills. Exercises and instruction will concentrate on proper exposure, metering, shutter speed control, composition, depth of field, and the use of priority modes on the latest dSLR cameras. Students will be introduced to portraiture using available light and tungsten light. Portable flash will be demystified.

A demonstration and a working session with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw will allow students a fundamental understanding of post-capture possibilities in two (2) classes of the course. Class discussions and critiques with emphasis on improving composition and technical skills will round out this basic but thorough course.

Equipment Required: A 35mm dSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex), storage card, card reader.

It is strongly advised that the student brings their camera’s instruction manual.

Optional Equipment: Tripod, cable release, USB key or recordable DVD media

Course Price: $275.00

Winter 2023

Evening Sessions

Feb 08 - Apr 12Wed

Wednesday, Feb 08 - Wednesday, Apr 12

DayTimeRoom Number
Wednesday18:00 - 21:00TBA
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Additional Information

Teacher: TBA
Course Number: 710010
Registration Start Date: Friday, Nov 04, 2022
Maximum Class Size: 20
Total Hours: 30
Status: Registration in progress

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