The Antiracist Pedagogy Project (ARPP), has teamed up with Concordia’s Centre for Teaching and Learning for the pilot study: Implementing Antiracist Pedagogy into Your Classroom.


Are you a university or CEGEP educator interested in engaging with antiracist education in your classroom yet searching for new approaches, have not had the time or know where to start? We invite you to participate in our pilot study to receive complimentary guidance on integrating antiracist educational resources into your classroom by engaging with the educational videos on the Antiracist Pedagogy Project database


We will use your feedback to develop a report on educators’ experiences navigating antiracist education, guidelines & to continue optimizing our database.


In the wake of COVID-19 and calls for EDI – the Antiracist Pedagogy Project (ARPP) developed a database of educational videos for the humanities and STEM that feature community activists, educators and students sharing their knowledge combatting systemic racism and COVID-19 in Canada (link above)


Interested? Fill out this quick form: Pilot-Study-Participants


Join us as we continue to test, measure, and refine our resources to meet and support the changing needs of educators.


Disclaimer: The pilot is low-labour and tailored to your specific course. We will customize how to implement one of our antiracist educational videos, critical discussion questions and/or our assignment recommendations into one week of your class and then will probe your feedback on the experience. if you have any questions:


Looking forward to sharing our findings!

Best wishes,

Jamilah Dei-Sharpe

Project Manager

Anti-Racist Pedagogy Project


Last Modified: January 19, 2022