Faculty Funding Opportunities

Canada-China Scholars’ Exchange Program

Competition: Open for the 2020-2021 academic year

Deadline: January 23, 2020

Who applies:

  • Canadian students at the college, undergraduate and graduate levels in Canada;
  • Canadian faculty members or research staff at a post-secondary institution in Canada; and
  • Canadian mid-career professionals who have a Master’s or PhD degree and have managerial, policy development or decision-making responsibilities.

Description: Global Affairs Canada and the Chinese Ministry of Education are offering short-term scholarships to Canadians wishing to study abroad in China. Scholarships are awarded for studies, research, language studies or a combination of studies and language studies at participating Chinese institutions.

For more details the website is here.

Direction des affaires internationales

Direction des affaires internationales (DAI) is an organization within the Fédération des Cegeps that assists institutions within the network in designing and implementing strategies for internationalization. Through financing diverse projects, DAI seeks to internationalize training and education in Quebec institutions. It aims to foster openness, understanding, cooperation and ultimately, the exportation / importation of knowledge for both teachers and students. In particular, DAI offers bursaries of $3,000 for teachers who wish to pursue projects with institutions and community organizations abroad.

Application Deadlines 2019-2020

The Direction des Affaires International has one deadline for projects occurring within certain periods of the year. For the 2019-2020 school year, it is as follows:

February 11, 2020

Projects scheduled to occur between May, 2020 to October, 2020

Projects Admissible for Funding

Projects may fit into one or more of the following three (3) categories:

    1. Invited teacher or conference presenter (i.e. cultural and /or pedagogical exchanges)
    2. Participation in scientific, technological or pedagogical research projects (e.g. requests for doctoral research often fit into this category)
    3. Participation in activities targeting cooperation and exchange of teaching methods, practices and innovative tools.

Projects in this category are often coupled with those in Category 1. Please note that DAI limits cooperation projects submitted under this banner to a maximum of a couple of targeted partners or prospective partners.

The admissibility of projects is based on the following set of criteria:

    1. Potential for dissemination and educational outreach;
    2. Relevance of the project and level of innovation (i.e.: has this been done before? Does the submission build on an earlier stage of a project?);
    3. The coherence of the proposed project (i.e. do the project objectives tie in with the planned activities? Does the overall presentation clearly demonstrate the aims and the intended outcomes of the project? If the project has several phases, has the phase for which funding is requested been coherently tied to the overall project?;
    4. Quality of the presentation of the application;
    5. Is there complementary financing? ((i.e. can the College or another organization subsidize a part of your project costs?)

To apply

  1. Fill out the online application form. If you have never submitted a DAI project funding request before, you must click “S’inscrire” to get a login name and password;
  2. Append a letter(s) of invitation from partners’ institution(s);
  3. Append a letter of support for the project from the Dawson College Academic Dean;
  4. Append a calendar of activities, detailing the use of your time, for a minimum period of two weeks or fourteen days. Up to two of the fourteen days can be dedicated to travel;
    Note: Two teachers who are applying for the same project/trip should make sure that they each will play a slightly different role. This should be reflected in the activities calendar.
  5. A table of approximate costs associated with the trip (i.e. air travel, food, lodging, etc.);
    Note: Applicants will be asked to provide an example of air travel costs.
  6. Your up to date CV;

Ninety days after the activity has ended, successful applicants are expected to submit a report on the use of funding. The form can be found on the DAI  webpage. Once on the page, scroll to the bottom and click Rapport sur la mobilité enseignante to fill out the required form.

A few considerations to keep in mind while filling out your application:

  • Is there an opportunity for professional development?
    • Acquiring new pedagogical methods;
    • Integrating new methods into current pedagogical practices;
    • Networking, etc.
  • What is the expected impact of the project?
  • Will there be a positive impact on student learning?
  • What are the overall benefits for Dawson students / programs / the College as a whole?
  • Will this project evolve and how?
  • Teachers may apply for funding once every twelve (12) months.
  • Teachers must submit individual applications, regardless of whether they are collaborating on the project with a colleague.
    Note: In cases where two or more teachers are collaborating on a project, each individual’s role should vary slightly from their colleagues’ function in the project.
  • Projects presented for a second time may not be accepted. If you are applying for a project similar in nature to a previous and successful project application, it is important to try to show that either:
      • The activity in the current project application is a new phase in the previous project, in which case the applicant must be careful to tie the two projects together (aim, evolution, and objectives);


    • The applicant must show that the current project differs in key ways from the original application.
  • Humanitarian Aid projects will not be considered for funding.

For further information on Direction des Affaires International funding opportunities, please contact:

Eva Helms
Office: 4B.01-13
Local: 1478

Last Modified: December 17, 2019