Admissions Requirements

In addition to meeting the general conditions for the RAC process, you must also be eligible for admission to the Accounting Principles and Related Computer Applications AEC (attestation d’études collégiales).

AEC Admissions Requirements

Ministerial Requirements

  1. Applicants must have a Secondary V diploma or equivalent or acquired knowledge and skills deemed sufficient by the College for potential success in the program.
  2. In addition, the applicant must meet one of the following requirements:
    a. the applicant’s studies have been interrupted for at least two consecutive terms or one school year;
    b. the applicant is covered by an agreement entered into by the College and an employer or by a government program;
    c. the applicant has completed at least one year of post-secondary studies over a period of one year or more.

College Requirements

  1. Mathematics 426 or equivalent, or must pass a math placement test.
  2. English language skills equivalent to placement at Preparation for College English or higher. Students may be required to take an English placement exam.
  3. Conversational French. The student’s level of competency will be assessed during the interview.
  4. A letter of intent explaining the applicant’s reasons for seeking admission to the Program and providing information about any pertinent work experience or background.
  5. An interview will be required to assess the applicant’s motivation, communication skills and Program expectations as well as to validate their admissibility to the RAC process.

If you DO NOT meet the Ministerial Requirements AND the College Requirements, you will not be eligible for the Accounting Principles and Related Computer Applications AEC program. If this is the case, you should contact Continuing Education at 514-933-3771 in order to meet with an adviser to discuss the other educational options available to you.

Fill out the application form and once completed, please return it to

Last Modified: August 27, 2018