Adventures in Colour

Prerequisites: None

We begin with painting exercises, and we will be working on personal projects. Each class begins with a short presentation on painters who are masters of the specific topics that each of the classes covers. There is a demonstration of the technique, followed by execution of technique in small scale by each individual. Students are responsible for painting surfaces only all paint and painting materials are provided.

Course Price: $200.00

Winter 2024

Evening Sessions

Mar 04 - Apr 08Mon

Monday, Mar 04 - Monday, Apr 08

DayTimeRoom Number
Monday18:30 - 21:303B.25
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Additional Information

Teacher: Melanie Matthews
Course Number: 310011
Registration Start Date: Wednesday, Nov 01, 2023
Group Schedule Info: No class March 25th
Maximum Class Size: 15
Total Hours: 15
Status: Registration in progress

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