Concordia Winterfest – February 15-17!

On the theme of contemplative pedagogical practices

Contemplation, described by Hart (2004) as a ‘third way of knowing’ that is complementary to ‘rational and sensory knowing’ has emerged in an array of classroom practices from primary through higher education. Research links contemplative practices to cognitive and character development through activities that improve concentration, self-awareness and overall well-being. 

Contemplative practice in education is distinct from the spiritual roots of contemplation. These practices foster mindfulness and reflection to deconstruct positionality, belief and culture, and thereby allow for deeper learning and inclusive classroom environments.

If you seek to improve creativity, concentration, or critical thinking in your classroom, or should you wish to reduce anxiety and build resilience for yourself and your students, join us at the CTL Winterfest. Our program offers discussions on the conceptual framework of contemplative pedagogy, simple practices that can be easily adopted in the classroom, and reflections on the impact of contemplative practices on faculty and students.

  • All sessions are free to attend
  • Registration is open to all faculty and educational developers
  • 2 sessions each day, in the morning and afternoon
  • Sessions will be in English with automatic transcription on Zoom

Last Modified: February 2, 2023