Free Performa Webinar: Is AI a Valid Source? – Feb. 13

Is AI a Valid Source?

Monday February 13
2 to 3 pm

With Sharon Coyle, Master Teacher Program (MTP), Performa faculty, University of Sherbrooke 

“Are you worried about the impact of ChatGPT on your students’ academic integrity?

Want to learn how to prepare for and address potential misuse in your classroom?

Join our one-hour webinar and gain a deeper understanding of ChatGPT’s capabilities, and how to best address the potential challenges that may arise with its use.”

(The text above was written by ChatGPT) 

As part of our Supporting Source Savvy Students Community of Practice (Join our CoI on LinkedIn!) we invite teachers and other colleagues from the Quebec College Community to come together to learn about and discuss what easy availability of this new AI technology means for teaching and learning in our classrooms.

We will explore:

  • why we should pay attention to this tool
  • examples of what it produces
  • ways to address it in our teaching
  • what pedagogical experts are suggesting

We will finish off with an open question and answer session where you can voice your concerns or offer suggestions to colleagues.

Hope to see you there!


Last Modified: February 27, 2023