New Faculty Orientation

Please contact Einat Idan or Karina Leonard with questions about New Faculty Orientation

The New Faculty Orientation to be held on March 19, 2020 is cancelled.

We look forward to welcoming Dawson’s newest teachers to this orientation session once the college has returned to its normal activities.

Dawson’s New Faculty Orientation is designed to introduce new faculty to information about college services and procedures, tips for engaging students, and teaching to course competencies.

The agenda includes:

  • A welcome from the Deans and Directors at Dawson
  • An introduction to the Institutional Policy on Student Evaluation (ISEP)
  • An introduction to competency-based education and the program approach
  • An explanation of the academic integrity policy and an outline of Dawson’s approach
  • An overview of faculty roles and responsibilities
  • Activities and case studies on teaching at the college level

This event is open to all Day and Continuing Education faculty.


Last Modified: March 30, 2020