Chinese Intermediate Level: BoYa Section V (Online)

Prerequisite: Completed 360 hours of previous instruction or equivalent

1. Continue intermediate level grammar practice.
2. Advanced vocabulary and application of the words and phrases.
3. Training for the ability to communicate in different speed and accent environment.
4. Essay presentations.
5. Target HSK level four test.

Required Material:
Headphones and external microphone
High speed stable internet connection
Access to a computer
E-Book (when ordering textbooks online at, make sure they are delivered before the class)

Title : Boya Chinese – Elementary V (Second Edition) (Lesson 21-25)
博雅汉语- 初级起步篇 (II) 第二版 (21-25课)
ISBN 9787301215395
Author : Xiaoqi Li, Beijing University Press
Available at : Dawson Bookstore
Price : Approximately $40.00 CDN.

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Course Price: $240.00

Not offered this semester.

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Last Modified: September 26, 2023