Toxic Chemical or Gas Spill

In a laboratory & public area

    1. Evacuate the immediate area. Do not touch the chemical(s).
    2. Inform the technicians or supervisors. If you are alone;
    3. Call Emergency/Security (local 1000 or use an Emergency Phone) and provide:
      – Name:
      – Location:
      – Name(s) of chemical(s):
      – Potential danger to persons in the area:

Security will call a chemical spill resource person immediately, will contact Plant & Facilities to control ventilation and stand by for instructions.

  1. Assist Security or the chemical spill resource person as required.
  2. Provide first aid as necessary. If you have been exposed to a toxic chemical or gas spill, seek a medical assessment.
  3. Complete and forward an Accident/Incident Report form.

Department & laboratory responsibilities

Every department or laboratory in the College; where any kind of chemicals or hazardous materials are used, or where operated machinery, which can produce any toxic emission; should have the following in a readily accessible location.

  1. An updated list of the chemicals or hazardous materials used in the area.
  2. A computer printout from WHMIS (available in Facilities Management) on all of the chemicals or hazardous materials used in the area, indicating action and treatment in the event of a spill or harmful exposure to the chemical.
  3. Any equipment or first aid supplies necessary for dealing with a spill or harmful exposure and for proper clean-up of the affected area. First aid supplies are available through Security.
  4. Any equipment and supplies necessary for handling and disposing of the chemicals or hazardous materials.

Last Modified: November 24, 2022