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To place a service request online, please go to Online Requests, Forms & Documents

Service Requests

Our FAMA Work Services system now sends status emails to users that provide their Dawson E-mail address. Please note that our server cannot send status updates to a non-Dawson email account. Should you not wish to increase your email burden simply do not enter an email address, but at least type your name over the ‘Self-Service’ default label in the ‘Requested By’ field so that we know who you are.

Please pick your Department from the drop box (magnifier icon) and add your phone extension should we need to contact you for additional details.

The ‘Work Type’ and ‘Location’ fields are also useful but not mandatory provided descriptive text entered in the ‘Summary’ and ‘Details’ box helps us fill in the blanks.

In wake of popular demand we finally activated file attachment capability which accepts PDF files, Word and Excel documents. Click the ‘Attach File’ button and browse through your computer directories to select desired document. Please rename your file in form windows before saving.

Finally, click the ‘Submit’ button in bottom right hand corner once request information is complete.

The server logs out users after 10 minutes of idle time, which means you may have to re-enter everything if disturbed or distracted.

Last Modified: November 23, 2022