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To book the rooms listed below, please go to Omnivox My Dawson Portal | under Non-Academic Services | select Campus Room Bookings

  • Active Learning Classrooms
  • Activity Spaces: 2C.17 Oliver’s, 2F.4 Conrods, 3C Student Space, Upper Atrium: Escalators, Upper Atrium: Theatre, Lower Atrium, 5C Art Gallery Walls and Exterior Spaces
  • 4C.1 Amphitheater and 5B.16 Multipurpose Hall (scheduled classes have priority, which are only known beginning of each semester)
  • Computer Labs: 2F.20, 2F.24, 5B.3, 5B.4
  • Gyms: 0H.1, 0H.3, -1H.2, -1H.4, -1H.6, -1H.5, -2H.1, 4F.1
  • Meeting Rooms: 3E.8, 3H.4, 4A.1A, 5B.13 Boardroom, 7C.5 Rose Lounge
  • Modern Language Labs: 5E.13, 5E.17, 5E.20
  • Office of Academic Development: 3F.34 SmartLab, 3F.36 MediaLab, 3F.43 CoLab (individual or all zones)


  • Activity Areas are managed by Campus Life & Leadership department. These spaces must be available to Students at all times.
  • To learn more about SETUP requests; please scroll down, it is part of ‘Event planning TO-DO-LIST’.
  • Please keep the rented spaces clean during and after the event.


  • Key door lock: call security local 1500; an agent will go and open the door.
  • Combo door lock: please go to room 2E.21 for the combination.
Activity Spaces Standing Cap. Seating Cap. Door lock
2C.17 Oliver’s 150 65 Key
2F.4 Conrods 540 230 Key
2F.4 Kitchen Key
3C Student Space 800 340 Key
5B Kitchen Key
Upper Atrium: Escalators 110 50
Upper Atrium: Theatre 730 310
Lower Atrium

Art Gallery – 5C EAST (Atwater)

Art Gallery – 5C WEST (Wood)

Court Yard – 2E Gazebo

Court Yard – 2H Labs

Court Yard – 2F.4 Conrods

Court Yard – 3C Student Space

Grounds – EAST (Atwater)

Grounds – WEST (Wood)

Classrooms / Activity Spaces Capacity Media Door lock
4C.1 Amphitheater 100 to 134 Projector Key
5B.16 Multipurpose Hall 250 Key
Meeting Rooms Capacity Media Door lock
1H.1A Meeting Room 20 Smart Board Combo
3E.8 Meeting Room 15 Smart Board Combo
3H.4 Meeting Room 20 to 25 TV Key
4A.1A Meeting Room 15 Smart Board Combo
5B.13 Board Room 30 Projector Key
7C.5 Rose Lounge 25 Smart Board Key
SmartLab | MediaLab | CoLab
Standing Cap. Seating Cap.
3F.34 SmartLab 10
3F.36 MediaLab 6
3F.43 CoLab 90 70
3F.43 CoLab (mezzanine) 20 10
Theatre Media Seating Cap.
3T – Theatre Projector and Stage 180

Event planning TO-DO-LIST

click here to download

Event information:

  • Where is the event located?
  • What type of an event is?
  • What time is the event at?
  • Will it be open to students, Dawson community and/or Public?
  • Who are the organizers (person, organization)?

Setup requests:

FAMA setup (on one work order):

  • What is the event?
  • What date is the event?
  • What time does the event start at and finish at?
  • What time is the setup required for?
  • What room is the event in?
  • Lists items you need (number of chairs, number of tables, tablecloths, podium, easels, etc.)
  • Indicate how you want chair(s) and table(s) setup (Attach diagram, if needed).

Cleanup & take down (work order):

  • What time is the setup required for?
  • Is the time reserved and specified in the room booking request?

AV or IST support (email to

  • What time is the setup required for?
  • Is the time reserved and specified in the room booking request?

Food services:

  • Please go to website to learn more about the catering options.

Liquor permit – Permission request:

  • For the time being Meeting Room Booking will still issue the permission letter, while the new process is being finalized.
  • Please submit (faculty & staff ONLY)
    • Person’s name
    • Department or organization
    • Event name
    • Date
    • Time
    • Location
  • The letter, Reunion Permit Form and a sample of the form will be emailed to you. If you would like to have a printed version, please let us know.
  • To process the application on time, the “Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux” must receive your request at least 15 days before the date of the event. For more information, please go to

Liquor permit – Security guard:

  • When a liquor permission was granted, it is required for a security guard to be present especially when it is an open area. The security guard is $35/hrs for 4 hours minimum.
  • Please confirm if you have;
    • a budget to charge it to
    • pay directly to FAMA
    • it is included with the other fees on the invoice
  • Please send a work order
    • Start and end time of the event

Extra Security Guard Required:

  • Events with liquor permission.
  • Events planned overnight.
  • Events & shows ending after 19:00 at the Theatre.
  • Events ending after 17:00 on Saturdays & Sundays .
  • Any events during the week (mon-fri) between 7:00-23:00
  • No extra security guard is required.
  • Regular day guard will be present.

Last Modified: November 20, 2023