Health & Safety

Issues and Complaints

The Health & Safety Committee is committed to promoting the welfare of all members of the College community (students, teachers, staff, and management). Consequently, the Committee will investigate and follow-up all questions, concerns and complaints that are directed to its attention. Confidentiality will be respected, if this is requested by anyone making the complaint.

Making a complaint about a Health & Safety concern

  • Inform the appropriate College official or department (e.g. Plant & Facilities, if the complaint concerns any aspect of the physical building, maintenance, cleaning, elevators, escalators, ventilation) or your sector’s dean or the manager to whom you report.
  • Send copies of your letter to the Health & Safety Officer and the Chair of the Health & Safety Committee.

Health & Safety Committee members representing

Administrative Services Health Services – advisory role Plant & Facilities Student Services


Last Modified: April 29, 2020