Telephone Systems

General Information

  • Voicemail Instructions Document
  • To call out, press 9
  • To call long distance, please email Melinda for the code
  • To request a new phone or a change to a different model, please talk to your supervisor than she/he can discuss it with the coordinator.
  • To report a problem, please email Melinda

Individual faculty locals

  • Each faculty has her/his own personal local number.
  • It is not the same as the office phone number.
  • The personal local:
    • rings on office phone, where the faculty is located.
    • stays with faculty until he/she teaches at the college.

Voice mail to email feature

  • All voicemail messages are delivered to Dawson’s email account as a wav file.
  • Messages are deleted from the voice mail box after 7 days (played or unplayed).
  • There is no synchronization between the voicemail and email messages. If you delete a message from your voicemail box the same message is NOT deleted from your email and vice versa.
  • Deleted voicemail messages cannot be recovered.
  • Sometimes the wav files are cut by Outlook’s ‘Junk E-mail’ filter.

Phone directories

  • Online phone directory
  • Dial-by-Name (press 9)
    • To use the Dial-By-Name option, please enter the person’s last name.
    • ONLY the first few characters are enough with the # sign. The system is going to present you with all the possible choices (i.e. secu#).

Quick Reference Guides


Last Modified: January 24, 2024