A working session, Winter 2015
L. Shea

The goal of my UDL release for Fall 2016 was to rethink and restructure an introductory sociology course using UDL principles and practices. I had attended UDL workshops and Indigenous pedagogy workshops the previous year at Dawson and saw that the two shared some similar approaches to teaching and learning. Therefore, during my release, I wanted to incorporate Indigenous pedagogical tools and Indigenous content into the course, as well.

The release time gave me the opportunity to research and rework a popular course that is in many social science profiles. My goal was to teach two sections of this course to General Social Science students in winter 2017. This profile of students, tend to have lower grade averages (overall) than other Social Science profiles, and winter cohorts tend to have higher failure rates than fall cohorts.


During my release time I researched and developed:

  • a new course outline using a UDL guide for developing course outlines;
  • a peer sharing group activity that including an oral component;
  • implemented a new evaluation essay assignment; and introduced two Indigenous components into the class.

I could have not done this without the release to do this work on my own, and with the UDL group during scheduled meetings and more informal drop-ins.


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