UDL Mission Statement

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UDL@Dawson CoP fosters and supports a shift in pedagogical paradigm aimed at implementing inclusive instruction through the Universal Design for Learning model (UDL).

Objectives of Faculty Learning Community

  • Offer a safe and collaborative environment throughout meetings and reflection processes among members.
  • Train and support five members per calendar year.
  • Nourish the CoP by facilitating the exchange between Dawson’s previous and present members.
  • Facilitate exchange on the UDL model across the college network.
  • Facilitate the development of a UDL model/pedagogy Quebec network.

UDL Objectives

  • Introduce the model and appropriate the three UDL principles through workshops, theoretical readings, videos and discussions.
  • Create an environment and pedagogy that are
    • accessible
    • significant
  • Apply a pedagogical approach that leads to student autonomy.
  • Implement the model in a course of choice through the three means of UDL

    • Offer multiple means of Representation
    • Offer multiple means of Action & Expression
    • Offer multiple means of Engagement
  • Create a Portfolio to be posted on UDL@Dawson WebPage.
  • Become an advocate of the UDL model and share one’s personal UDL journey with faculty members.


  • Become a UDL leader within the Quebec College Network.

Last Modified: January 19, 2024