Program Coordinator and Co-Chairperson
Pauline Fresco
Office: 4D.4
Local: 4960
Program Coordinator and Co-Chairperson
Chantal Chapson
Office: 2G.9
Local: 4614

Program Information

The Illustration program is a three-year technical program that prepares students to work as professional illustrators in various areas of the industry such as advertising, magazine and book editorials, publishing, animation, video games, concept art, multimedia, packaging, manufacturing, film, theatre sets, engineering, architecture, fashion and textiles. Dawson is the only anglophone college in Quebec to offer the Illustration specialization.

Illustrators are visual artists who work in the communications sector, either for a company or as freelancers. They are often entrepreneurs who start their own businesses, who may hire or partner with other illustrators and collaborators.

Graduates of the Illustration program are fluent in use of current digital media and traditional illustration skills.

Training and practice in the program will ensure that graduates:

  • Have a strong base in drawing for various illustration applications
  • Can generate and use innovative ideas
  • Explore different types of visual communication design
  • Are exposed to both traditional and digital illustration tools and techniques and are current with software applications
  • Are aware of the different pipelines serviced by illustrators
  • Are familiar with the needs of managing a small illustration business and the importance of networking
  • Are conscious of the need to keep abreast of illustration and industry trends

Career Opportunities

There are many employment opportunities in the field. As an illustrator, you may find work in areas of the industry such as:

  • Advertising studios or agencies
  • Animation studios
  • Publishers of comics, magazines, periodicals, books, software
  • Art departments of retail stores, insurance companies
  • Architectural and engineering firms
  • Medical or scientific illustration
  • Manufacturing: technical manuals
  • Toy companies
  • Motion picture, television studios, video
  • Game design production
  • Printing companies
  • Stationery and greeting cards
  • Apparel, patterns, prints and textiles, homewares and decor
  • Tattoo boutiques
  • Murals

Last Modified: June 2, 2020