Exit Requirements and Comprehensive Examination

Exit Requirements

The Ministry of Education requires students to pass the following tests in order to obtain their D.E.C.: English Exit Examination and Comprehensive Examination.


Comprehensive Examination

All students registered in the Illustration Program must pass the Comprehensive Examination in order to graduate. All components of the Comprehensive Examination must be successfully completed in order for students to obtain a “Pass” standing.

Comprehensive Examination Components – Specific Education
  • A digital portfolio presenting an overview of illustration projects created within the Illustration Program. Each student will submit his/her individual digital portfolio in the context of the Production and Presentation course.
  • Participation in the design and production of the Graduation Exhibition which takes place at the end of the sixth term. Planning for the exhibition will take place in the Production and Presentation course. Students work collaboratively in teams to prepare all aspects of the exhibition including the design of a promotional poster, invitation and website portal (which provides access to each student’s individual portfolio). Students must curate their work for display, prepare appropriate formats and presentation of their selected work to professional standards, and design the exhibition space layout. Performance of these tasks, the ability to work in a team, and effective management of time and stress will be evaluated.
  • A bilingual (English and French) résumé demonstrating integration of writing and professional layout skills with knowledge of the job function of an illustrator. The résumé is submitted in the context of the Professional Practice course.
Comprehensive Examination Components – General Education
  • In order to meet the General Education components of the Comprehensive Examination, students must pass all of their required General Education courses.


Note: Students must pass all their specific education courses to be allowed to take part in the Graduating Exhibition.


Last Modified: January 16, 2019