Admission Requirements

  • A Diploma of Secondary Studies (DES) or academic background judged equivalent to the DES
  • Letter of intent
  • Portfolio
  • Timed drawing evaluation

Additional Information

Letter of Intent in PDF format.

  • Address the letter to: To Whom It May Concern.
  • The letter should provide the following information:
    • What made you decide to apply to the Illustration Program?
    • Identify courses you have taken which indicate your relevant creative and/or technical skills.
    • What aptitudes and abilities do you have that make you a good candidate for this program?
    • What type of work do you see yourself doing after completing the program?

Timed Drawing (In person for Fall 2024 applications)

Complete a timed drawing evaluation. Details about this element will be given when you start your application in the Application Centre: deadline is March 1st.

Portfolio Upload: Specifications

All artworks for the portfolio must be uploaded in good quality jpeg format by the March 1st deadline.

What will be required:

Approximately 20 artworks including the 7 drawings specified in the next section.


  • Your artworks must have been produced in the last 2 years and the 20 pieces should be the result of a careful selection of all artworks.
  • At least 5 artworks should be in colour.
  • Variety of techniques: Include artworks from any of the visual arts: sketching, drawing, painting (watercolours, coloured pencils, acrylic, gouache, etc.), printing, photography, collage, etc.
  • Original artworks/drawings from observation submissions are recommended.NO copies of licensed characters (example: Marvel characters, Mickey Mouse, Charlie Brown, etc.)
  • LIMIT any Manga drawings or comic book art to ONE page of your portfolio.
  • Your artworks should cover a variety of subjects; example: people, animals, landscape, architecture, fashion, sports, textile designs, still life objects, and fantasy (drawings from imagination).
  • LIMIT the number of artworks that are copied or adapted from photographs or other artworks. If artworks of this nature are submitted in the portfolio, provide as much info as possible about your source material or image; include and clearly identify the source photograph/artworks alongside your copy or adaptation.
  • 3D artworks and paintings on canvas or on wood panels should be photographed.
  • Animation work: links to your work on Vimeo or YouTube etc. may be provided.
  • Sketchbook (optional): pages can be scanned and upload.

Specific details for 7 drawings in your portfolio are outlined below. You will be prompted to upload each of the seven in the upload module.

Use pencil (For example: graphite, HB, 2B) for these seven drawings in Black and White which includes tones in greyscale.

  1. One interior perspective from observation (example: your bedroom or your kitchen, etc.).
  2. One exterior perspective from observation (example: your
    neighbourhood/street). This drawing should include neighbouring houses or buildings or roads (i.e. your drawing must include built structures not just landscape).
  3. Your own hand (not flat) drawn from observation: Show volume/tones/ shading.
  4. Your own feet drawn from observation: Show volume/tones/shading.
  5. One portrait from observation: Example: head and shoulders of a person seated and reading in an armchair—include the chair details behind the portrait. Show volume/tones/shading.
  6. One still life of simple objects similar to a cube, sphere and cylinder. Example: box of tissues, an orange, and a soda can. Show volume/tones/shading.
  7. One drawing of a figure in an environment. Examples: person seated at a café; man standing in a metro cart; person napping on a couch.

Please don’t be intimidated by this process. We don’t expect your artworks to be at a professional level. Our goal is to assess your artistic potential based on your current drawing skills, visual awareness, and the quality and variety of your work.

Final Acceptance

Once all admissible applicants have been evaluated, a decision letter is made available to you through your application centre account on the application status page mid to late April.

Final acceptance is based on assessment of:

  • Portfolio
  • Timed drawing evaluation
  • Academic background

Contact Persons

Co-Chairperson | Program Coordinator
Chantal Chapson
Email: Show Email
Office: 2G.9
Local: 4614

Application Deadline

March 1

Last Modified: November 9, 2023