Professional Conduct

Students in the Illustration Program are expected to exhibit behavior suitable to the Illustration profession which includes demonstration of appropriate ethics, reliability and respect for intellectual property. Students must display consistent courtesy, and cooperative behaviour. This is referred to as “professional conduct”. Professional conduct must be displayed in all activities associated with the Program. Students who exhibit inappropriate behaviour may be expelled from the Program. The procedure for expelling students from the Program on the basis of professional conduct will be applied in accordance with the College’s Institutional Student Evaluation Policy (ISEP Section IV-N.2).

Some examples of inappropriate behaviour are:

  • Unauthorized, malicious, inappropriate or dangerous use of equipment
  • Display of behaviour detrimental to the learning or work environment (e.g. rudeness, interference with other students’ learning, etc.)
  • Unethical practices, including falsification of data, misappropriation of others’ work, unauthorized copying and distribution of software, destruction of other students’ work
  • Refusal to follow instructions given by faculty and staff, including but not limited to instructions regarding safe use of equipment and/or facilities
  • Recording images, people or lectures without appropriate consent
  • Disregard for public and private property

Students expelled on the basis of inappropriate professional conduct may appeal the expulsion to the Academic Dean.

Last Modified: November 14, 2017