Academic Standing and Advancement Policy


Academic Standing

Please refer to Bylaw 8: Concerning the Promotion of Academic Success in English or French.


Academic Standing

Specific Education discipline numbers in the Illustration Program are: (574) Illustration, (520) Art History and (360) multidisciplinary.

  • Students who fail the same Specific Education course twice will be expelled from the Program.
  • Students who fail three or more Specific Education courses in one semester will be expelled from the Program.
  • Students must successfully complete the Illustration Program within five years from the date of entry to the Program.

Students who do not satisfy the criteria of this Standing Policy will be expelled from the Program and the College. The expelled student has the right to appeal the expulsion to the College Academic Standing Appeals Committee.

Academic Advancement

  • Students must pass all Specific Education courses in a term before advancing to the following term.
  • In order to advance to term five, students must have passed at least 13 General Education courses. Students with more than one General Education Course outstanding can only advance if they submit a Graduation Plan that is recommended by the Illustration Program Coordinator and approved by the Dean of Creative & Applied Arts.

Students who are prevented from advancing in their Specific Education courses will be allowed to take General Education courses and must submit an “Intent to Continue in the Program” form OR request a program transfer before the application deadline for the subsequent semester (fall-March 1st or winter-November 1st). Students not taking any courses in a semester must reapply to the College by the application deadline; re-application for the winter semester can only be done via a paper application form.

Exceptional Circumstances

In extenuating circumstances the Illustration Program Coordinator may recommend an exception to the Program Academic Standing and Advancement Policy to the Program Dean for approval. This recommendation must be accompanied by a revised Graduation Plan.

Last Modified: July 11, 2023