Program Coordinator of Accounting and Management Technology
Rosario Lo Raso
Office: 4H.7
  Local: 4850

Program Information

The two Business Administration programs at Dawson College follow the same course of study in the first year to give you a solid business foundation in the fundamentals of accounting and marketing.

Accounting and Management Technology is a three-year career program that places particular emphasis on applied business methods and computerized applications. This approach will help you to think critically, to develop skills in analysis and to use computers to process and analyze financial and business information effectively. You will acquire the tools and knowledge to deal with the challenges of business and to succeed in today’s competitive and dynamic environment. In Term 6, an internship (stage) will allow you to demonstrate the skills you have acquired in your studies in an actual work setting.

Objectives of the Program

The Accounting and Management Technology program emphasizes studies in accounting, finance, management, computer applications.

Upon the successful completion of the Accounting and Management Technology program, graduates will be able to:

  • use problem-solving and critical-thinking skills to select, analyze and interpret information
  • use computers and appropriate business software applications to respond to informational and analytical requirements
  • analyze financial and managerial accounting information in a computerized setting
  • conduct financial analysis of investments and finance-related projects
  • contribute to business methods and management decision-making

Career Opportunities

  • In the accounting/finance and management fields, technicians assist management with decision-making.
  • In the area of accounting, graduates may be involved in the initial stages of the accounting cycle and may provide technical support for accounting tasks including the implementation of accounting systems, internal controls, budget planning and estimates of manufacturing costs.
  • Measurement of liabilities and taxation is also an area where technicians can make a contribution.
  • In the area of finance, graduates support the management of working capital funds, treasury, financial analysis, and the evaluation of investments and their return.
  • In management practice, they support the management of the human, financial and material resources of a company.

Last Modified: August 15, 2017