Department Chairperson
Laurel Breidon
Office: 2G.6-1
Local: 4057

Program Information

Professional Photography is a three-year program that trains students to earn a living as professional photographers. It offers a balanced mix of theory and practice in aesthetics, photographic technique, digital imaging and the business of photography.

Students receive intensive training in editorial, advertising and documentary photography as well as portrait, fashion, product and architectural photography. Extensive facilities are available to students including fully equipped studios, state-of-the-art computer labs for digital imaging and printing as well as film processing labs.

Students take a broad range of courses in photography, fine arts, graphic design, business and general education. Dawson’s Professional Photography Program is the only one of its kind among English language colleges in Quebec.

Students will acquire skills and knowledge relating to:

  • Professional digital cameras and accessories
  • Natural and artificial lighting in the studio and on location
  • Photographic techniques and strategies for specific photo specialties
  • Managing, manipulating and archiving digital imagery
  • Setting up, managing and promoting a photography business
  • Creating and designing a variety of marketing pieces such portfolios, websites and books
  • Developing creativity strategies

Dawson College also offers an AEC program in Commercial Photography under Continuing Education. Please visit Commercial Photography for more information. 

Career Opportunities

Graduates have established their own photography business in areas such as:

  • Editorial and magazine work
  • Wedding, fashion and portraiture
  • Advertising and product
  • Architecture and corporate
  • Events and public relations
  • Retail and commercial labs

Graduates also find employment as:

  • Assistants and production managers for established photographers in advertising agencies and stock photography agencies
  • As technicians in TV and film

You can view student work on the Photography department’s website.

Last Modified: May 22, 2020