Program Policies

Academic Standing and Advancement Policy

To be in good standing and to register unconditionally, students must meet the requirements of the College Academic Standing and Advancement Policy, as well as the Program requirements.

COLLEGE policy

Academic Standing

Please refer to Bylaw 8: Concerning the Promotion of Academic Success in English or French.


Academic Standing

To be in good standing and register unconditionally students must have passed more than 50% of their Specific Education (concentration) courses for the year.


  • To enter term five (third year) of the Program, students must have passed all courses in terms one to four. In cases where students are missing some courses, they may be permitted to advance provided the Program Coordinator has approved a Plan of Studies that will allow students to be in phase by the end of the sixth term.
  • Students who fail to comply with this Academic Standing and Advancement Policy will be expelled from the Program and the College. Expelled students have the right to appeal the expulsion to the College Academic Standing Appeals Committee.


Students are expected to exhibit behaviour appropriate to the profession of photographer, hereinafter referred to as “professional conduct”. Professional photographers are expected to demonstrate a high level of integrity, honesty and respect for public and private property.

Students must be respectful of College property and must display consistent courtesy, teamwork and cooperative behaviour toward faculty, staff and fellow students. Professional conduct must be displayed in all activities associated with the Program. Students who exhibit inappropriate behaviour may be removed from the Program. The procedure for removing students from the Program on the basis of professional conduct will be applied in accordance with the College’s Institutional Student Evaluation Policy (ISEP).

Some examples of inappropriate behaviour are:

  • Malicious use of equipment;
  • Display of behaviour detrimental to the learning or work environment (e.g. continual rudeness, interference with other students’ learning, etc.);
  • Unethical practices, misappropriation of another’s work (including intellectual property),unauthorized copying and distribution of images, destruction of other students’ work;
  • Refusal to follow instructions given by staff or faculty regarding the safe use of equipment and facilities, both at Dawson College and on location;
  • Disregard for public and private property;
  • Disregard for the privacy of individuals;

Expelled students may appeal the decision to the Academic Dean.

Last Modified: July 12, 2023