Department Chairperson
Jaya Nilakantan
Office: 3F.22
Local: 4804

Program Information

Computer Science Technology is a three-year program that prepares students to work as entry-level software developers in small, medium or large enterprises.

Our students gain experience in creating state-of-the-art software systems through theoretical and practical coursework in computer science and application programming. Throughout the program, students are asked to work individually and in teams, enabling them to develop their communication skills and autonomy. Third-year students take part in an industrial internship where they gain valuable experience in the workplace. Courses in Business Administration and Mathematics disciplines ensure students are ready to begin their careers as software developers.

The facilities for students in Computer Science Technology at Dawson College are state-of-the-industry. From workstations to servers to cloud, all computers are networked and equipped with the software tools and components regularly used in industry. Most of the software development tools used in the program, from compilers to operating systems, are also available to students for home use at no cost.

Throughout the course of the three-year program, students will be exposed to multiple programming languages and paradigms. The main principles of object-oriented programming are taught with Java. For web development, the languages are HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript for client applications, with Java and scripting languages (PHP, Python, or Javascript) used on the server. Mobile device development is taught on the Android environment. The main database management systems Oracle and MySQL, commonly used in industry, are used to create client-server applications. Industry-standard tools, such as software version control, team communication, as well as integrated development environments are used through the program.

To better understand networking and cloud deployment, topics such as data communications, operating systems (Windows and Linux), and cloud systems are covered in depth. A course in computer hardware and software allows students to learn hands-on, through assembling a complete system from its parts and configuring its software.

While the Computer Science Technology program prepares students to enter the work force immediately after graduation, some students pursue studies at university in various Computer Science degree programs, either full-time or part-time. Depending on the university, students may be granted credits towards their degree. Students may be required to take some additional courses to enter university.

Career Opportunities

Some of the entry-level employment opportunities include software developer, web developer and mobile application developer. Graduates are employed in finance, banking, transportation, manufacturing, insurance, health care, government, education and research environments; that is, just about anywhere that a business develops computer software as part of their business model.

Last Modified: September 20, 2019