Internships with Computer Science

The Computer Science Technology Program provides a robust internship course, where students are placed among industry-leading employers. This allows students to fully apply all the theoretical and practical skills they have acquired over the 3-year technical program, and have a better understanding of the various pathways towards a career in the computer science field.

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Students Skills & Abilities

Programming Skills

Our program focuses on teaching students not only how to program but also how to design, structure, and test code effectively using a variety of programming languages.

From object oriented programming (OOP) in Java and C#, to more functional and asynchronous programming in Javascript, students are well equipped to work in these languages or learn concepts in others.

Domains and Frameworks

Students learn how to select the right tool for the right job and work in various domains, including web development, native app development, mobile development, and infrastructure and orchestration.

Native Programming

Students learn solid programming skills in many languages. For example:

  • Developing unit tests in JUnit and MSTest.
  • Managing data with an ORM using Entity framework.
  • Creating GUIs using Avalonia, Monogame, JavaFX.
  • Building mobile apps for Android with Kotlin

Web Development

Students learn modern web development practices using various frameworks and tools. For example:

  • Creating webpages using HTML5 and CSS development using the Flex layout model.
  • Adding client-side interactivity using Javascript & React.
  • Providing server-side functionality and APIs using Flask & Express.
  • Creating components and testing using CI/CD workflow.

Machine configuration and Linux

Students learn how to assemble PCs, install operating systems, and perform configuration. For example:

  • Setting up machines and performing automation tasks through the Bash shell.
  • Fetching, running, and creating containers using Docker.
  • Configuring and deploying web servers using Apache.
  • Configuring DNS, networks, and security.


Students learn how to interact with database and create novel designs. For example:

  • Writing complex SQL code to join tables and understand relationships within data.
  • Automating database operations using PL/SQL with Oracle Database.
  • Creating Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs) to design relational databases.
  • Interacting with NOSQL databases such as MonogoDB.

Development processes

Students learn modern collaborative development practices with an emphasis on group work. For example:

  • Using Git to manage code and projects.
  • Collaborating with peers using the Protected branch (Feature branch) workflow model.
  • Performing code reviews of Merge Requests (Pull Requests) using online platforms like Gitlab.

Employer Advantages

By participating in the program, employers have the following advantages:

  • Directly accessing graduating students ready to join the workforce after their internships.
  • Receiving tax credit forms for Revenue Quebec for all students you hire who are remunerated.
  • Getting a sneak peek at the next generation of developers and IT professionals.
  • Having additional supervision and follow-up of students by the Computer Science Internship coordinators.

Please note that positions are not required to be remunerated.



Employers are invited to submit a job post to our system allowing students and the internship coordinators to see the various positions available. Dawson students become available for internships around mid-April (exact date to be confirmed). Students are required to complete a minimum of 7 weeks with an employer while being supervised by Dawson. Dawson’s internship program coordinators finish evaluating students at the end of May. However, employers can choose to hire a student for a duration exceeding the minimum 7 weeks and will be provided with tax forms for the complete period.

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