ATE Program

The computer science and technology program provides a valuable summer internship placement opportunities to 1st and 2nd year  in the form of the L’Alternance travail-études (ATE) program. Students who participate in the program complete two paid work terms of 8 to 12 weeks. The work terms take place in the summer following first and second years.

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Students Skills & Abilities

1st Year

By the end of their first year, students have learned valuable skills:

  • Basics of Object Oriented Programming in Java
  • Interacting with Databases using SQL
  • Assembling, configuring, and testing computer hardware
  • Interacting with computer systems via command line in both Windows and Linux

2nd Year

By the end of their second year, students have learned valuable skills:

  • Creating complex Object Oriented programs in Java, C#, and Python using tools such as JUnit and Entity Framework
  • Managing projects and collaborate using Git and Gitlab
  • Designing databases using ERDs, normalization, procedures, and functions
  • Doing both client-side and server-side web development using tools such as Flask and Javascript

Employer Advantages

By participating in the program, employers have the following advantages:

  • Directly accessing students ready to join the work force after their internships.
  • Receiving tax credit forms for Revenue Quebec for all students you hire
    • Tax credits apply both to the interns and supervisors wages
  • Getting a sneak peek at the next generation of developers and IT professionals.
  • Provide direct feedback to the CS program at Dawson about direction and relevance of the program



Employers are invited to submit a job post to our system allowing students and the ATE coordinators to see the various positions available. Dawson students become available for internships around Mid May(exact date to be communicated). Students are required to complete a minimum of 225hrs of work over an 8-16 week period with an employer.

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Last Modified: January 23, 2024