Program Policies

Academic Standing and Advancement Policy

To be in good standing and to register unconditionally, students must meet the requirements of the College Academic Standing and Advancement Policy, as well as the Program requirements.

College Policy

Academic Standing

Please refer to Bylaw 8: Concerning the Promotion of Academic Success in English or French.

Program policy

Academic Standing

Students will have their standing reviewed at the end of every semester. Students in the Computer Science Technology Program must not fail:

    1. Three or more Computer Science Technology (420) courses in one term


    1. The same Computer Science Technology (420) course twice.


  1. Any Computer Science Technology (420) course in any two consecutive terms in the Program grid.

Students who do not satisfy the criteria of this Academic Standing Policy will be expelled from the Program and the College. The expelled student has the right to appeal the expulsion to the College Academic Standing Appeals Committee.


  1. Students must pass all Computer Science (420) courses in a term before advancing to the following term.
  2. In order to advance to the fifth term of the program, Applied Mathematics for Computer Science (201-920-DW) and Administration (401-910-DW) must have been passed.
  3. To participate in the internship in the sixth term, the student must have passed at least three English courses, one French course, two Humanities courses, one complementary course and two Physical Education courses. The student is expected to complete all remaining General Education courses within the fall semester following the Internship.

Students in Program who are prevented from advancing in their Specific Education courses may continue taking General Education courses and must either:

    1. Submit an “Intent to Continue in Current Program” form to the Registrar’s Office by March 1 or November 1, as appropriate, in order to resume taking Specific Education courses in the following semester.


  1. Submit an online Program Transfer request by March 1 or November 1, as appropriate, in order to enroll in a different program.

Students not taking any courses in a semester must reapply to the College by the application deadline in order to be part of a program of study.

Exceptional Circumstances

The Program Coordinator can recommend to the Program Dean an exception to advancement decisions in extenuating circumstances.

An expelled student retains the right to appeal the expulsion to the College’s Academic Standing Appeals Committee.

Last Modified: July 12, 2023