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Department Chairperson
Charles Le Guen
Office: 3G.6
Local: 4907

Program Information

3D Animation and Computer Generated Imagery is a new three-year DEC program being offered at Dawson. It is the first program of its kind to be offered in English in Quebec. This innovative course of study will teach you to apply the academic, technical and general education skills necessary to enter the workforce as a 3D computer graphic artist as part of a production team in the animation industry.

Students in this program will learn:

  • To analyze the characteristics and requirements of a project
  • To produce a prototype or layout of the animation
  • To model characters, props and the environment
  • To apply textures and colors to the models
  • To add lighting to the scene; animate the characters and incorporate other graphic elements to render the final versions of scenes and characters
  • To produce digital visual effects and compositing, and work with motion capture data

Career Opportunities

The 3D Animation and Computer Generated Imagery program is designed to facilitate a student’s entry into a career as a 3D computer graphic artist in the 3D animation industry.

Upon graduation, graduates may choose to work as part of a production team as one of the following specialists:

  • Modeller: translating concept art into 3D models of creatures, humans, and other physical objects, like vehicles, furniture, trees, buildings, using 3D application software.
  • Animator: applying movement to human and animal models; infusing them with personalities and animating their subtle gestures. Animators can also animate other objects such as vehicles and spacecraft.
  • Texture Artist: putting the final touches on gray scale models. Texture artists design the visible surfaces that cover the architecture, environments, creatures and objects.
  • Lighting and Visual Effects Specialist: creating the ambiance in an animated film. These specialists are called upon to create the effects of light and shade that make sets look real. Special effects animators produce special effects, such as tornadoes, or asteroids, simulating the actions of air, fire, water and wind.

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