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Department Chairperson
Charles Le Guen
Office: 3G.6
Local: 4907

Program Information

3D Animation and Computer Generated Imagery is a new three-year DEC program being offered at Dawson. It is the first program of its kind to be offered in English in Quebec. This innovative course of study will teach you to apply the academic, technical and general education skills necessary to enter the workforce as a 3D computer graphic artist as part of a production team in the animation industry.

Students in this program will learn:

  • To animate characters with 3D software
  • To model characters, props and the environment using 3D modeling software
  • To apply textures and colors to the 3D models
  • To create 3D scenes and films
  • To add lighting to the 3D scenes and film, and render out the final images
  • To produce digital visual effects and composite them,
  • To record, manage and edit motion capture data, and to apply that to characters
  • To use cameras and lenses, for film and photography
  • To produce a prototype or layout of the animation
  • To create sound design for their animated films
  • To analyze the characteristics and requirements of a project
  • To coordinate projects, manage their time, and respect deadlines
  • To draw human anatomy
  • To draw in proper perspective
  • To sketch characters in dynamic poses
  • To animate using drawn 2D techniques
  • To storyboard a character-driven film narrative
  • To design and draw characters
  • To sculpt with traditional mediums
  • To animate using traditional stop-motion techniques
  • To multitask
  • To stretch regularly when working at a computer (and how to stretch)
  • To work in peer groups and collaborate
  • To use techniques such as scrum meetings and Agile workflows to manage projects with peers.
  • To use industry standard software
  • To network and undergo a job search
  • To promote themselves, by developing professional portfolios, demoreels, and use tools such as linkedin and business cards
  • To understand the job market, the various job roles available, and to explore which areas might be best suited to their interests and abilities
  • To complete a 3D Animated Film

Career Opportunities

The 3D Animation and Computer Generated Imagery program is designed to facilitate a student’s entry into a career as a 3D computer graphic artist in the 3D animation industry.

Upon graduation, graduates may choose to work as part of a production team in one of the following job roles:

  • Animator
  • Modeler
  • Tech-Artist
  • Rigger
  • Lighter
  • Coordinator
  • Motion Capture Editor
  • Compositor
  • Visual Development Artist
  • Character Designer
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Texture Artist
  • 3D Tracking Artist

What is Unique About this program at Dawson?

  • The only program of its kind in English in Quebec.
  • Our program develops strong fundamental art skills while also teaching cutting edge computer skill
  • We assume students have no prior knowledge of 3D Animation or any of the related software when they are first admitted.
  • One of the strengths of the program is the relationship our students have with their teachers – Students and teachers know each other well and are on a first-name basis.
  • All the teachers in the program have strong ties to the industry, which helps the course content stay relevant and also helps students connect with potential employers.
  • Many of the teachers teach part-time while also holding full-time jobs in the industry.  This allows the program to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry.
  • The retention rates are extremely high – the teachers and students form a collaborative community that supports everyone to succeed.
  • The graduation and job placement rates are extremely high.
  • Graduate satisfaction rates are extremely high.
  • Our alumni stay in contact and are very invested in the success of the program and the graduates.
  • Many of our graduates are now assuming leadership roles within the industry.  They actively seek to support our most recent graduates.

This program might be for you if you enjoy:

  • Traditional art (drawing, painting, sculpting,etc)
  • Computer Art (drawing, painting, etc)
  • Animated films (though we do not expect you to know how to animate before entering the program)
  • Problem-solving

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