Admission Requirements

Diploma of Secondary Studies (DES), including:

  • Secondary V Language of Instruction
  • Secondary V Second Language
  • Secondary IV Science
  • Secondary IV Mathematics
  • Secondary IV History

or academic background judged equivalent to the DES.

(Students with a DES missing any of the above subjects may be admitted, space permitting, but may be required to complete remedial courses.)

Additional admission requirements

  • Letter of intent: include two copies; description below.
  • Portfolio: detailed contents of your portfolio are listed below
  • Portfolio evaluation and drawing test: description below.

Letter of intent

Applicants are required to submit a letter of intent which should provide the Program with information regarding the applicant’s aptitudes, skills and experience and the reason for seeking admission to the program. The student must also demonstrate an understanding of the profession by expressing his or her expectations upon graduating from the Program.
You must include two copies – one that you send it with your application and one in your portfolio.


  • Quantity: 15 copies of original artworks, 9” x 12” maximum size.  The portfolio and artworks cannot be larger than 9″ X 12″.
  • Variety: You must include:
    • Two separate pages of drawings from observation, which each include the entire body (head, hands and feet) of the subject in various poses.  Because ours is an animation program, action poses (walking/running/jumping, etc) are preferred over static, non-moving (seated/standing/resting etc) poses.
    • Two separate drawings (each on its own page) that each demonstrates a two-point perspective drawing of a room in your house.  Each of the drawings should be from the same room in your house, but from opposite corners.
    • Two separate pages of character expressions and poses.  Characters should be original and done solely from the imagination.  No copying existing characters.
    • A photograph of a 6” x 6” clay or Sculpey sculpture of one of your character designs. (Note: Super Sculpey® is a very unique polymer clay, loved by artists, doll makers and animation studios around the world.)
    • A flip book of a short animation, 60 frames minimum.
    • The other eight pieces may be modeling or animation projects, drawings of people/animals/characterss, photographs of original artworks, technical drawings, paintings or any other art work.
    • Not appropriate: Do NOT include copies of existing cartoon characters, referenced art from existing artists, comic-strips, comic books, manga, abstract works.
  • Letter of intent: include one copy inside and at the front of your portfolio.
  • Skills: your drawings must demonstrate a certain degree of accuracy, depth, and perception.
  • Originality: your artworks should reflect your own ideas.
  • Quality presentation: your artworks should be placed neatly inside a binder or a folder with pockets or portfolio case.
  • Deadline: evaluation is done in person (on a Saturday in March), so don’t mail your portfolio. Exception: animation work (see note below).

NOTE: Due to time constraints, animation and/or film work that require viewing by the department must be uploaded approximately one week prior to the portfolio evaluation date to a site provided by the department in a letter to be e-mailed in mid-March to all on-time applicants.

Entrance Drawing test

All applicants will be required to take an entrance drawing test. This test consists of four sections:

  • Reproduction of a given character
  • Drawing a character from imagination
  • Drawing correct perspectives
  • Shape recognition

Candidates will be given two (2) hours to complete the test.

Results will be evaluated on:

  • Accurate reproduction of a given character
  • Adequate depiction of a character drawn from imagination
  • Proper use of drawing perspectives
  • Adequate depiction of volumes
  • Proper use of shading, textures, etc

For general, non-program specific requirements, please consult the Admission Requirements page.

Application Deadline

March 1 (for Fall semester)

This program accepts applications only for the fall semester.

Last Modified: April 4, 2018