Faculty / Program Information
Gyula Gefin
Office: 4G.7
Local: 4947
Administrative Assistant (secretary)
Helen Wawrzetz
Office: 2G.7
Local: 3200
Department Chairperson
François Martin
Office: 4G.17-B
Local: 4952

Program Information

Graphic Design is a three-year program that trains students to become graphic designers. It introduces you to major movements in art and design, teaches you to communicate effectively using graphics, illustration, photography, typography, and multimedia. It also builds problem-solving and project management skills.

The program also fosters your professional mobility and adaptability, allowing you to work in the many areas associated with this field (for example, marketing, advertising, multi-media). Dawson’s Graphic Design program is the only one of its kind among anglophone colleges in Quebec.

Among the skills you will acquire in the program are:

  • producing publications
  • producing advertising
  • producing multimedia and Web projects
  • handling multimedia software

Career Opportunities

As a graduate of this program, you will be qualified to work in:

  • graphic design studios
  • advertising agencies
  • multimedia studios
  • publishing houses
  • printing companies
  • art departments in large corporations
  • government agencies
  • freelance graphic designer

Last Modified: January 13, 2020