Welcome alumni and friends to Celebrating Dawson

Since 1968, 100,000 people have passed through the halls of Dawson College, most as students, many as teachers and non-teaching staff. Are you one of them?

Whether you were at Selby or Viger, Lafontaine or Victoria, or the great domed building we have occupied since 1988 at Sherbrooke and Atwater, if you are/were a student, a graduate, an employee or a former employee, you are part of Dawson’s history.

In 2018, Dawson College will celebrate 50 years since the College was granted its charter. That’s something to celebrate, and who better to celebrate with than some of the 100,000 people?

We want to keep you informed as we prepare the festivities for the 50th anniversary and give you a chance to share your memories. The journey toward 50 will be a great ride. Join us.

Let’s start with RECONNECT, a way for you to tell us where you’ve been and where you are now.


Additional features will be added to this site in the run-up to the 50th anniversary celebrations in 2018. Bookmark the page, check back often for new additions and news. Or, if you want to subscribe to an alert, make sure to tick YES on the box under your e-mail address on the RECONNECT form.

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Last Modified: March 31, 2015