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Program Coordinator of Marketing & Management Technology
Nick Papatheodorakos
Office: 4H.7
Local: 4854

Program Information

The Marketing and Management Technology program is a three-year career program that prepares students to work in a variety of technical occupations in marketing, retail and general management. Marketing technicians may be responsible for implementing a customer service approach, supervising a sales team and/or contributing to the management of a business. In addition, marketing technicians can provide support in the creation of a marketing plan for public, private, and non-profit organizations. It is one of two business career programs offered at Dawson.

Objectives of the Program

Emphasis is placed on electronic marketing and international business to give you the tools and knowledge required to operate in a rapidly evolving global environment. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will be able:

  • to market goods and services
  • to participate in marketing activities in a client-based approach
  • to contribute to business methods and decision-making
  • to use computers and appropriate business software applications to respond to informational and analytical requirements in a marketing and business setting
  • to use problem-solving and critical-thinking skills to gather, analyse and interpret information
  • to effectively communicate in French orally and in writing in a professional context

Career Opportunities

Graduates may find employment in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Graduates most often work for retailers, wholesale centres or companies specializing in the sale of products and services. In retail stores, graduates may work

as staff members and may advance to positions such as retail store supervisor or manager. In electronic retailing, they act as coordinators of product delivery or management of customer service centres. In wholesale establishments and specialized industries, graduates may work as part of a sales team or as merchandisers or buyers. Employers range from small start-ups to large well-established corporations. In small companies, graduates are most often responsible for a variety of tasks, while in large or medium-sized organizations, graduates are assigned more specialized duties.

Internship and Work-Study Option

The Marketing and Management Technology program includes learning activities in the form of an internship and the Work-Study Option (ATE) to help students integrate into the workforce. Through these activities, students apply theory and skill acquired in the classroom.

The Retail Observation Internship course takes place in the fifth term in which students are required to complete an on-site component within a retail environment over a period of five working days (40 hours). Two days must take place within the organization’s office or managerial environment. A four-week internship in the last semester of study helps students develop links to industry and prepare for entry-level positions in the marketing and management technology field through hands-on practical experience.

The Work-Study Option, or ATE (Alternance Travail Études) allows students in the program to alternate between study terms and work terms in an integrated manner. The work-study terms take place in the summer following Term 2 and Term 4.

Last Modified: September 20, 2019