Integrative Stage

The internship is offered in the last semester of the program and aims to integrate the knowledge acquired during the 3 years of study. To be admissible to the stage, a student must be able to clearly demonstrate that he/she is in a position to graduate during the semester in which the stage is to take place or, at the very latest, the following semester.

The objective of the Stage is to provide the student with the opportunity to apply the skills and abilities learned throughout the Business Management [Marketing] Program.

During the stage, the student will:

  • Apply business administration concepts and work methods in the fields of Marketing, Human Resources and/or Management;
  • Capably perform entry-level tasks in marketing, operations and other business functions;
  • Apply business vocabulary, techniques and practices;
  • Obtain, analyse and present business data in a format suitable for business decisions;
  • Identify, analyse and explain the gaps between theory and practice;
  • Prepare and assess standard business reports in a satisfactory manner (i.e. financial statements, budgets and business plans);
  • Effectively use business software;
  • Test one’s ability to integrate the the labour market;

Last Modified: April 29, 2014