Program Coordinator
Sherry McMillan
Office: 6B.9
  Local: 4884

A nursing program in the heart of downtown Montreal

As a student nurse in the DEC program, you will acquire a set of competencies within the program-specific and general education courses that are designed to foster personal and professional development. You will develop the ability to communicate and interact effectively with clients, their families and health professionals, analyze and interpret data, and deliver quality nursing care.

Is the Nursing program for you?

  • Are you passionate about promoting health and preventing disease?
  • Would you like to support people who are coping with illness?
  • Do you want to help make decisions that will lead to effective health care practices?
  • Do you have excellent social and problem-solving skills?
  • Do you have a good foundation in mathematics and science?
  • Does a career that requires continuous learning, technical skills, and compassion interest you?

For questions about admissions, eligibility or licensing, read our FAQ.

Graduates of the three-year CEGEP Nursing program may practice nursing in Quebec after passing the Order of Nurses of Quebec licensing exam. College nursing graduates are strongly encouraged to continue their nursing education by obtaining a Baccalaureate degree in Nursing. Dawson College has developed an integrated DEC-BAC program in partnership with McGill University’s School of Nursing.

Career Opportunities

You will be in demand! A strong need for nurses now and in the future has been identified. Employment can be found in many clinical areas, but hospitals remain the major employer. Continuing your nursing studies in university will increase the number, and type of career opportunities.

Student for a Day

Students wishing to participate in Student for a Day are invited to attend our Open House in the Fall where they will be given the opportunity to sign up.

Last Modified: September 19, 2019