Open House

Open House will take place on Sunday, October 30, 2016 from 1-5 p.m. On this day, the College is open to prospective students and their families, and anyone thinking of applying to CEGEP or transferring programs.

This is a chance to meet and talk with current students, teachers, advisors, admissions and other non-teaching staff about program choices, extracurricular activities and the college experience. Everyone is welcome.

Check out our Open House Guide.

Some of the major attractions you won’t want to miss:

  • Admissions, Advising staff in the Library (5C)
  • Student Services in Lower Atrium, Metro-level
  • Smart Classrooms
  • New Chemistry Labs

Science, Medical Studies and Engineering

  • First Choice, Health, Pure and Applied, Environmental, Explorations and Developmental Science
  • Chemistry Magic Show
  • Physics “Smart” Class
  • Biomedical Laboratory
  • Nursing
  • Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering will greet you in the Atrium and guide you to their labs
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Physical Rehabilitation

Social Science and Business Technologies

  • Social Science and its profiles
  • Business Management (Marketing)
  • Accounting Management Technology
  • Computer Science
  • Community Recreation Leadership Training in its location in 3F
  • Social Service
  • Liberal Arts
  • Reflections in 4E

Creative and Applied Arts

  • Arts, Literature and Communication
  • Language Labs
  • Visual Arts
  • Cinema-Communications and Interactive Media Arts
  • Applied Arts (Photography, Industrial Design, Illustration & Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design, 3D Animation and Computer Generated Imagery)
  • Professional Theatre Program
  • New School
  • Women’s/Gender Studies
  • Peace Studies

Continuing Education (in 2G. 1 & 2H.1)

  • Attestation d’études collégiales (AEC)
    • Accounting Principles & Related Computer Applications
    • Commercial Photography
    • Network Administration & Support
    • Preparation for Microsoft Certification
  • Centre for Training & Development (CTD)
    • APICS
    • Arts
    • Computer Technology
    • Confucius Institute
    • Creative & Professional Writing
    • Emploi-Québec Subsidized Courses
    • Languages
    • Photography
    • Professional & Personal Development
  • Continuing Education DEC programs
    • Science
    • Social Science
  • Springboard to a DEC
  • University Prerequisites

How do I get to Dawson College?

Atwater station on the Green Line.


The Atwater entrance leads you to the 1st floor of the College.


  • For a full list of bus lines and transfers to the College, please visit the following page.
  • 15 (West direction)
  • 24 (East direction / West direction)
  • 104 (East direction)
  • 138 (East direction)
  • 144 (West direction)

For more information on Bus and Metro Passes & Schedules, visit the STM website

Outside entrances

Dawson campus map

Last Modified: January 24, 2017