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The Arts Literature and Communication Program is committed to creating and safeguarding communities of equity, diversity and respect. We stand in solidarity with protesters, faculty, students and staff denouncing anti-Black racism, police brutality and systemic discrimination.


Classroom visits

Each profile in ALC will arrange a few days during the term when students will be able to sit in on a Zoom class in their area. Please contact the co-odinators for each profile for information about the dates for these visits.

Program Coordinator ALC
Cheryl Simon
Office: 3A.1-6
Local: 4781

The aim of the Arts, Literature and Communication (ALC) program is to prepare students for university studies with a balanced education in the creative arts, literature, communication and languages.

As a student, you will be asked to register in one of the following six profiles:

Arts and Culture

This is the “buffet” profile of Arts, Literature and Communication where you can sample from a wide variety of courses, including Music, Theatre and Journalism.

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Cinema | Communications

Look at media differently, be exposed to the best films, television and media works in history from all over the world and learn what makes a film or media project great.

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Interactive Media Arts

Combine your love for the latest technology with your creativity and artistic abilities in this unique profile exclusive to Dawson College.

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Build bridges between people, cultures and nations by becoming fluent in multiple languages, such as Spanish, Italian, German, Mandarin, Hebrew and Modern Greek.

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Explore and deepen your passion for the written word. This is the profile for enthusiastic readers and aspiring writers.

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Studio Arts

Cultivate an appreciation for the arts by studying Art History, visiting museums and creating your own art in Dawson’s professional studios.

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Click on any of the profiles for more details, view portfolio works, explore career opportunities and more.

Student for a Day

This program was previously called Creative Arts, Literature and Languages C.A.L.L.)

University Studies

As a pre-university program, ALC prepares students for further education in a broad variety of fields including: art history, cinema, communications, cultural studies, drama, education, humanities, international careers, journalism, languages, the liberal arts, linguistics, literature, translation and visual arts. Visit our Activities page to see photos of our students in action!

Minors in Arts, Literature and Communication


There are four Journalism courses offered in the ALC program, including Writing News Stories, Writing Feature Articles, Journalism and the Web, and Ethics of Journalism*. If students successfully complete all four Journalism classes, they may acquire a letter of recognition from the Dean that signifies their achievement of a Minor in Journalism. This minor is available to students of all profiles but Languages and could be especially useful to students who wish to continue in Journalism or Communications programs at a university level.

* In cases when Ethics of Journalism (340-943-DW) is not offered students have the choice of taking Photography: Themes and Evolution (520-922-DW) OR Creative Writing (603-916-DW) in its place. Note: These options are only available in years when Ethics of Journalism is not offered. Also note: Creative Writing (603-916-DW) is part of ALC List 5, and should not be confused with the Creative Writing Workshop (603-413-DW), which cannot replace Ethics of Journalism in years where that course is not offered.


Students can obtain a minor in Music by taking four courses in the Music program. In each semester of the two-year ALC program, Music courses are offered to students enrolled in any ALC profile (except the Languages profile), and none of these courses have prerequisites. Upon the completion of four Music classes, students may acquire a letter of recognition from the Dean that recognizes their studies in the Music program.


The Theatre Department offers various courses in the ALC program, ranging from classes like Plays and Playwrights, Acting and Performance Workshops, to Dance: Style and Form. If students complete any four courses in Theatre, they can obtain a letter of recognition from the Dean attesting that they have earned a minor in Theatre. There are no prerequisites for the Theatre classes. This minor is available to students of all ALC profiles but the Languages profile.

Last Modified: February 2, 2021