Department Chairperson
Bassel Atallah
Office: 3D.12
Local: 4990

The English component of General Education is intended to help students learn to communicate effectively as readers, writers, listeners and speakers, while at the same time acquainting them with significant literary and cultural works from a variety of literary genres and periods. Each course meets 4 hours per week.

College level students begin with 603-101-MQ. New students are tested to assess their facility in English and may be required to first take a Preparation for College English course, either 603-002-06 Preparation for College English II (which meets 6 hours per week), or 603-001-03 (which meets 3 hours per week), before beginning their General Education English program. After successfully completing Preparation for College English, students proceed by taking 603-101-MQ, Introduction to College English: Writing English.

Most students will begin with 603-101-MQ, Introduction to College English: Effective Reading and Writing (ERW) or Introduction to College English (ICE). In subsequent semesters, students choose a Literary Genres course (603-102-MQ) and a Literary Themes course (603-103-MQ). These two courses need not be taken in a specific order. The Applied Themes in English course (603-BXE-DW) completes the English component of General Education.

The four required General Education English courses are:

Last Modified: September 2, 2022