Literary Themes

This course looks at selected works of literature with particular reference to their cultural contexts and thematic developments. Students will continue to practice writing critical essays.

To pass English 103 at Dawson College, students must be able to do the following:


  • identify one or more themes in a literary work
  • understand the literal meaning of the work studied
  • recognize ways in which stylistic, rhetorical, and formal features of the works contribute to the expression and development of a theme
  • perceive and appreciate the significance of historical and cultural contexts


  • develop a literary analysis of a theme or themes within the works
  • develop a critical analysis that is distinct from a personal reaction or plot summary
  • locate supporting evidence within the literary work, present it clearly and logically, and explain how the evidence supports the thesis
  • maintain unity and coherence throughout the essay.
  • write clear and error-free sentences

Please note that not all the courses listed below are offered every term:

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